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As I was in church last Sunday, my human arm (my left one) was hurting. Then “he” shows up seated next to me, showing his wicked smile.

“My left arm...really?” I said.

“Why not?” he answered. “We both know I can appear anywhere on you. Your body is my playground.’’ he snickered.

“Why can’t you go to my right one?” I asked, pointing at it.

“That thing has suffered enough. Besides, it looks like a decaying tree branch that’s about to fall off,” he replied.

“Hey, I thought you couldn’t enter a place like this,” I questioned.

“That’s the enemy and that kid from those Omen movies,’’ he said.

“Well, the way you look, you shouldn’t be able to be here,’’ I replied.

“What do I look like? he curiously asked. 

“Like that girl from the Exorcist,’’ I said. 

“Before or after she’s possessed?”

“After, of course!’’ I snapped.

“Easy now. You know that anger strengthens me. Just like your disability, your anxiety attacks, the cold weather, and best of all, every year you have a birthday. I’m like a python slowly squeezing its prey,’’ he cackled.

I just hung my head down with my eyes closed and sat there in silence for a while shaking my head.

“What, you’re going to cry like a little girl,’’ he teased, then acted like he was crying.

I nodded and lifted my unhandsome face from my hand with a smile on it.

“Why are you smiling?’’ he questioned nervously.

“It’s probably true that you are here for life and true that you will get stronger every year of my life, but I have ways to keep you away.’’ Things like medicine and exercise, or asking the Holy Spirit for help if you were attacking multiple places on my body at the same time. In fact, each night before I sit down to eat my dinner, I thank the Good Lord for blessing me with my disability, and for you.’’

As the Journey song “Don’t stop believing,’’ began to play, he looked at me and...FADED TO BLACK.


To be continued...