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Normally I’m supposed to write about devotion, but seeing this is the Christmas season, I figured I would give you readers some fun and interesting facts about this time of the year.   

For starters, take the word, “Christmas”. I personally thought it came from the word Christianity. The word really comes from a phrase; Christes Masse, which means Mass of Christ or Christ’s Mass.

If you enjoy the Christmas tree, then thank the Germans. They started the tradition in the 16th century. The first Christmas tree erected in America was in Lancaster, Philadelphia, in 1821. Along with the tree, the Germans were also credited with the birth of the Christmas ornament in 1847.

Pop quiz:

What were the first ornaments called?

               A: Baubles 

               B: Christmas Balls 

               C: Glaskugeln

Pencils down! The answer is “A” Baubles

What do Sir Henry Cole, John Calcott and Queen Victoria have in common?

All three were responsible for the birth of the first commercially available Christmas Card in 1843. Sir Henry commissioned it. John Calcott, designed it, and Queen Victoria was the first person to send it. 1000 cards were printed. The very first greeting card was created in 1611 and was given to King James of England.

Well readers, I hope you enjoyed and learned something about Christmas, but the true lesson we all should learn from Christmas is that a baby was born in a stable, spreading love and peace, throughout his lifetime, and then died on a cross for all of our sins.

Merry Christmas to all!