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     By now we have been dealing with the impact of a world wide pandemic, riots and looting, civil unrest, a political battle, fires up and down the coast and a recent earthquake in the last 6 months. Recently I have had many conversations with people who are dealing with fear either daily or in different situations. Fear sits silently at times in the recesses of our minds and then at other times it takes a stand and demands to be heard. Often it has the voice that sounds logical but yet causes us to freeze and not move forward. We want to feel “safe and secure” before we make a decision to move. We want the statistics and others to justify our reasoning yet it still has the whispers of fear. In all reality, it stops us from moving in faith and trust.

     We feel the distance brought by fear, slowly moving us further and further away from His presence. The doubt asks questions and the silence seems deafening. We stop and go in hesitation as though we are playing a game of “Red Light, Green Light” with God and even others. We want the numbers to line up, the precautions in place, the open doors to swing wide open and then we feel safe enough to move.

     In the Bible, safety and doors wide open were rarely a sign of moving forward. In fact, it was the impossible placed before them, that God called them to step out of fear to a place of faith. It often did not make sense. Abraham in his 90’s having a son, Noah building an ark and having never seen rain, David going up against a giant, a prostitute rescuing a nation, a traitor starting churches, a female leading an army and many more.

     But what if we said yes to the impossible and believed for the miraculous. What if we based our decisions not on facts and figures but on the probability of God doing something incredible despite what we see with our human eyes. This is where fear and trust meet at the crossroads and you hear Him beaconing to a life lived fully out for Him. 

Do You Remember?

When fear it comes knocking
I ask for you to lead the way
For my heart is full of apprehensions
And this is where I will tend to stray

I step into the impossible
And I look fear right in the face
And call you MY warriors forward
For both this battle and this race

You remember Abraham
When no child was in his line
I showed him the stars of heaven
The promise of his inheritance was this sign

You remember Noah
Who walked up rightly in all his ways
Yet I had to shelter him in a vessel
When a new generation was promised through the many days

You remember Rahab
An unlikely person in MY plan
Yet she protected the secret warriors
And her obedience gave her a place in the line of the Son of Man

You remember Moses
A murderer obsessed with fear
Yet I called him to rescue MY own nation
On a journey for 40 years

You remember Daniel
Who was throne into the lions den
Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego
I rescued from the blazing furnace within

You remember David
Who looked the giant in the eye
Despite the odds of him winning
He let his smooth stones be his battle cry

You remember Peter
Who fled in the face of fear
Yet as a Rock I called out his purpose
Churches were birthed because he knew that I was near

You remember Deborah
Who was called out to lead the war
The captains followed her example
Because she knew with ME there is always more

You remember Esther
Called before the throne of the mighty king
Yet her people were destined for annihilation
Yet she was given the signet ring

Yet all of MY chosen children
I called them to step into their fear
So that they might see the power of ME there moving
Through their apprehensions and silent tears.

I call you to something greater
That is not driven by your own doubts
But to a life of unexpected miracles
For this is what living beside ME is all about.

So even in the doubting
And even despite your every fear
Ask ME for what I AM shifting
And draw close for I AM always near.

Written by E. A. Holle