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The animal in this story may or may not had the voice of Alice Cooper, or ever talked at all, and this story may or may not be a fictional account of the true Christmas story.

Hello Catalyst family.  Being this the Christmas season, and more importantly, the birth of our Lord, Jesus, I thought I would tell you guys a story about Jesus, Mary, and a Tabby cat that I came across.  But before I tell you the tale, do you know how to spot a Tabby cat?

You can spot a Tabby cat by the”M” shaped marking on its forehead, that’s a Tabby cat.  Now, you may be wondering, “How did that cat get that mark”?

Well the story goes, when Joseph, Mary, and Jesus were in the stable with all the barn animals to keep out of the cold and they couldn’t find a room at the inn.

As Jesus laid in the manger, he began to shiver, “Joseph, Jesus is freezing. We need to keep him warm or he will freeze to death”, Mary announced.

“We don’t have a blanket or anything else warm in here.  The only things we got that are warm are our clothes on our backs.  If we give them to Jesus, we would surely freeze to death ourselves”.  Joseph Sadly replied.

We must keep him warm”, Mary repeated herself.  She frantically scanned the stable for something warm, but the only things she saw were the animals.

“Maybe one of the animals can keep Jesus warm’’, Mary thought, but quickly knew it was a foolish one.  All the animals were too big and couldn’t fit in the manger with Jesus.

After thinking that, Mary put her face in her hands and lost all hope, then a voice that sounded like Alice Cooper, coming from a group of animals that were huddled together spoke. (fun fact, did you know rocker, Alice Cooper is a Christian)

“Fear not Mary, I’ll keep Jesus warm’’, Mary’s eyes widened and a smile appeared on her lips, when she saw a very furry cat step out from the group of animals.

Without saying another word, the cat leaped into Jesus’ manger and curled up very close to Jesus and within seconds, Jesus stopped shivering.

Seeing what the cat had done, Mary palmed the cat’s chin and said this,... “For your kind act, I’ll let the world know what you did today, '' Mary marked the cat with the letter “M '' on its forehead with her finger.

So, the next you see a cat with “M’’ on its forehead, it's a Tabby cat and its breed saved the Son of God.