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Before you start reading  this article, I must warn you that there’s a word that might offend some of you, or it may not. Again, you have been warned!
Oh and another, I’ll telling a joke at the end of this article.

You know that saying, “Be thankful for the little things you have,” or something like that.

Well, as I’m getting older, I’ve been noticing that I talk to the Almighty more often than I did when I was in my youth. Most of our conversations are me thanking Him for the smallest and simplest things I have in my life.

The smallest and the simplest things that we take for granted or we don’t think of thanking Him for. Things like being blessed to have all of your 5 senses. Some of God’s children are born with a loss of hearing, some are born with the loss of sight, or both like the famous Hellen Keller.

During the Covid 19 pandemic, my sister came down with it. She lost her sense of taste and smell and didn’t get them back for a year. I thank God, for all my senses. I admit, not all the time, but when I remember I do. When I wake up in the morning, I thank Him for allowing me to wake up alive and well. Again, I admit, I don’t do it every day or every morning, but I remember to thank Him.
But there’s one thing that I give thanks for…well its more of a prayer than a thank you. Every morning I ask Him to help me not fall or hurt myself, because I walk like the Walking Dead and I have really poor balance.

Yep, I really do thank the Good Lord, for the smallest and simplest things in my life. I thank Him for allowing me to read and write. To have clean water to drink and wash with. Food to eat, a good hot meal, a house to go home to every day, and clothes to wear each day.

In fact, I even thank the Lord for allowing me to fart. The reason I wrote that word is because once, I was constipated for 2 weeks. 2 very uncomfortable weeks.

Now, like I told you, I’m going  end this article with a joke. Seeing we just had Halloween, I give you a H-joke,….

You know when you are watching one those shows about people seeing ghosts and they show a video of the ghost wearing clothes, right? I don’t think that’s accurate. Ghosts shouldn’t have clothes on, just shoes. Cause shoes have “Soles”