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He was my Hobbes and I was his Calvin.

He woke me up at 1:30 am on a Thursday. I watched as he crawled under my bed. Then I heard him let out two loud meows, then there was silence. I just laid in my bed staring at the ceiling of my bedroom. I knew what just happened. He was gone.

My loyal companion of 14 years, “Q,” my beloved cat, was dead. I knew his time was coming cuz I saw major changes in him, plus I looked up “Signs that your cat is going to die.”

He started showing signs a week before the Superbowl. He began to become more lethargic. He started eating less and stopped cleaning himself. He would lay on his side with his eyes wide open and breath heavy. As he began to get worse and worse, I did what I don't think many or maybe no pet owners would do. I asked the Almighty to take Q home.

Everytime I had to go out, I would whisper this in Q's ear, with tears in my eyes,...”If God wants you to come with Him,go, ok. I won’t be mad. Just sad but happy too cuz I know you're not suffering anymore. After telling him that, I would kiss him on his forehead and tell him that I loved him…

The reason why I told this story. Two questions came to me as I was writing this article. Question 1, Is it wrong to ask God to take a sick pet? I couldn’t find an exact answer or any answer to this question in the Bible or online. So I’m gonna leave this question to you guys to answer it.

Question 2, do pets go to Heaven? I’ve heard that animals don’t have souls. But animals feel pain, sadness, joy, heat, cold, and fear death, but don't have a soul? I don’t believe that.

Now let me answer the question. I believe our pets do go through the Golden Gates. Here’s the proof, there were animals in the Garden of Eden and last time i checked the Garden is part of Heaven.

Here is a list of animals that were in the Garden; bears, rabbits, CATS, birds, lions, and of course a snake. Sorry dog lovers, I didn't see dogs on the list, but I'm pretty sure they will be there too. Because the word dog spelled backward is God.

Uncle Jesse