Listening To Hear The Lord, Bootcamp
Pastor Barry

Learn to grow in your ability to hear God's voice.  There is nothing more life giving and life changing than hearing and responding to the voice of the Lord.

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Kingdom Core
Henry and Agnes Chi

In order to be spiritually healthy and growing, you need a strong core. The purpose of this bootcamp is to strengthen you in key Kingdom principles, grow you in Catalyst core values, and give you tools to develop your relationship with God.

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Taste Of T-Huddle: Getting And Staying Spiritually Fit
Dale Deguchi, Jeremy Yuan, Susan Miyake

In a T-Huddle (Transformation Huddle), you meet regularly with one or two people to help keep you on track, growing, and spiritually fit. This bootcamp will give a trial in having a spiritual trainer and how valuable it can be for your spiritual growth.

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