Our prayer ministries are here to love God and one another. Whether it be through inner healing or praying for others, the Prayer Ministries' aim is to establish heart-to-heart connection with the Father.

See below for prayer ministry list.

Wednesday Night Prayer
Join our church prayer group as we gather together and seek the Lord

A mid week prayer meeting for all to gather in worship and prayer for the Catalyst family.

Dates:  Every Wednesday night.
Time:  7:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Contact: catalystchristiancommunity@gmail.com

Freedom & Deliverance Ministry
We believe Jesus sets the captives free

This ministry is restorative and redemptive. It is God’s heart to set you free (to be delivered from things that hold you back from experiencing His love and plans for you) and to continue in freedom (live free). To find out more information on deliverance please contact

Contact: Jodi Nakamoto: jodinakamoto@yahoo.com

Prayer Ministry Teams (PMT)
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Ministers to individuals who would like a personal experience with God, being empowered to receive Him and His love, healing, and freedom.

Contact Rick Akiyama to schedule a PMT session or learn more about joining this prayer team.

To Request a PMT or join a PMT team: Anyone 25 years or older.  By appointment.

Contact: Rick Akiyama:  rickaki@gmail.com

Intensive Prayer Ministry (IPM)
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Participates in intercession against spiritual obstacles, generational sins, or anything hindrances to intimacy with God.

This ministry offers six sessions (2-3 hours in length) for those interested in receiving prayer.

All team members take part in weekly training sessions for 8-10 months in order to minister fully.

Contact Katheryn Komae to schedule your first session or inquire about joining this team.

Where & When: By appointment. To be trained in IPM: Once weekly for 8 - 10 months.

To receive IPM: (six) 2 - 3 hour sessions
To join an IPM team: training involved

Contact: Katheryn Komae: katherynf@yahoo.com