We welcome Jodi Nakamoto for this highly anticipated episode!  Jodi shares what the Lord has been highlighting to her about Spring Cleaning, and how we can all use a little bit of spiritual spring cleaning.  Then Jodi shares her testimony about her Healing and Wholeness journey, which has really given her a heart to help others seek the Lord for their wholeness and led her to lead the prayer ministries at Catalyst.  She then talks about the different ministries that fall under the category of Healing and Wholeness at our church, and helps to demystify what you might experience when you participate in one of the ministries.  If you have felt prompted to reach out for one of the prayer ministries at Catalyst, but have had hesitations, then this episode is one you won't want to miss!

To sign up for a session with one of the Healing and Wholeness ministries, contact Jodi at jodi@catalystchristiancommunity.org


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