Ep. 20 A Voice For The Voiceless

Rianna Machida is our guest for this episode of the Engage to Flourish Podcast.  Rianna shares about how God has been showing her hope through a difficult start to 2022.  With the recent leak out of the Supreme Court that the longstanding court ruling in the case of Roe v. Wade could be potentially be overturned, Rianna shares about some of the misleading information about the case, and some of the implications that will come about if the final decision is to overturn the case.  Then she shares about different ways that rhetoric has been used to sway people to be pro abortion, and how God calls us to value all life and protect the vulnerable.  If you are struggling with how to respond in faith on the issue of abortion, you will definitely be touched and encouraged by Rianna's vulnerable sharing, and her heart for the most vulnerable.  You won't want to miss this episode!


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