Ep. 21 Could We Be Missing Out?

Robert Harris is our special guest for this episode!  We start out the episode with Robert sharing what God has been highlighting to him as he has been getting older and gives an encouragement about how to continue to minister to others in different seasons in our lives.  He then shares a bit about his life journey with the Lord, and how he has grown to get excited about reading the Bible.  His love for the Word has made Robert a great teacher, and he will be leading the Men's Summer Bible study this year, and he closes with a brief preview of what he is going to be teaching.   Trust me, it's going to be a study you won't want to miss!

For more information and to sign up for Men's Bible Study, check out this link:  www.catalystchristiancommunity.org/events/mens-summer-bible-study/2022-06-14



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