We believe the gifts of the Holy Spirit are valid and active today.

That’s why the Prayer Ministries at Catalyst exist to express the Father's heart through prayer.  Whether it be through inner healing or interceding for the needs of the church and others, the Prayer Ministries' aim is to establish heart-to-heart connection with the Father at an individual or corporate level in order to accomplish His purposes through our prayers. We also value the power of prophecy. In its simplest form, prophecy is about seeing the heart of the Father and releasing it.  



Wednesday Night Prayer

A mid week prayer meeting for all to gather in worship and prayer for the Catalyst family.

Dates:  Every Wednesday night.
Time:  7:30 pm - 8:30 pm
Location:  Catalyst Freedom Center

Contact:  Barry Deguchi:

Saturday morning prayer (Cafe Fuego)

A free time of worship and prayer to follow the Spirit, express your unique design, and experience God’s presence in tangible ways.

Dates:  Saturdays, except the 1st Sunday of the month
Time:  9am - 11am
Locations:  various locations

Contact: Bob Aisawa:  |  Barry Deguchi:


Participates in group prayer and intercession for church leaders, Sunday service, active ministries, and any needs and requests of the Catalyst family.

Contact Anna Villanueva for any inquiries.

Dates:  Every 3rd Friday of every month
Time:  7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Location:  Catalyst Freedom Center

Contact:  Anna Villanueva:

The Catalyst Well

Offers a space for ministry leaders to receive more from the Lord, gathering as a committed community to share prayers and words of encouragement for one another

Contact: Ruth Sun:

Catalyst 4C

Meets to discern and share prophetic revelations that arise within the Catalyst family.
This team is a closed, ministry group. Contact Tony Huang for any inquiries.

Contact:  Tony Huang:


Prayer Ministry Teams (PMT)

Ministers to individuals who would like a personal experience with God, being empowered to receive Him and His love, healing, and freedom.

Contact Rick Akiyama to schedule a PMT session or learn more about joining this prayer team.

To Request a PMT or join a PMT team: Anyone 25 years or older.  By appointment.

Contact: Rick Akiyama:



Intensive Prayer Ministry (IPM)

Participates in intercession against spiritual obstacles, generational sins, or anything hindrances to intimacy with God.

This ministry offers six sessions (2-3 hours in length) for those interested in receiving prayer.

All team members take part in weekly training sessions for 8-10 months in order to minister fully.

Contact Katheryn Komae to schedule your first session or inquire about joining this team.

Where & When: By appointment. To be trained in IPM: Once weekly for 8 - 10 months.

To receive IPM: (six) 2 - 3 hour sessions
To join an IPM team: training involved

Contact: Katheryn Komae: