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Scripture Passage:  Matthew 28:19-20

Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.”

Devotional Entry:  

     Recently one of my sons told me “I don’t really feel connected to Father God. I know God is one God with three distinct persons, God the Father, God the Son (Jesus) and God the Holy Spirit, but I see Father God as a harsh judging father who punishes and I just don’t connect with Him the way I do with Jesus and Holy Spirit."  My other son chimed in “Yeah me too but I don’t really connect with Holy Spirit, I’m good with Father God and Jesus.” Immediately the thought came to me “I must be a mean, lousy dad if one of my sons thinks Father God is a mean, punishing God.” I let the lie pass and realized if it was true he wouldn’t be sharing this with me.

     I then said to them “Yeah the trinity, three persons existing together in perfect unity and love as one God is a hard concept to grasp and beyond our human minds to fully understand. I don’t even fully get it and I probably won’t completely get it until I get to heaven, but you can see the “Trinity” (concept of 3 in 1) represented everywhere in creation and even in ourselves as spirit, soul, and body made in the image of God.

     I purposely tried not to quote the Bible or find a verse because my kids are getting tired of my preachy, Bible quoting ways. Instead I asked the kids to find as many things in 3’s represented in creation which then gave me time to ask the Lord “What is the simplest way you want me to explain to them who you are?” The Lord said to me “SHOW THEM who I AM” and then He gave me images that were crystal clear. I told my son to stand up and said “You’re right, Father God is described in the Bible as the Judge and he will punish those in the end who do not believe in Jesus, but this is who He is and His heart for you and others.” I pulled my son onto my lap, put his head into my chest and held him tightly and said “Father God is the Creator who sees you, He delights in you, He has the best for you, and He is always there for you to go to and sit on His lap and feel secure and protected. He is with you, will hold you through everything in life, and is making all things good for you.” After his initial discomfort of being a tween sitting on my lap, I could feel him relax and enjoy the closeness.

     Then I said “Okay, now stand up, this is who Jesus is,” and we faced each other and I wrapped my arms around him in a tight front hug. I then said “Jesus is God the Son and your best friend who loves you so much that you can talk to him about anything and everything and He’ll stick with you always, go to bat for you every time, and even die for you so you can live.” I let go of my son and just looked him straight in the eyes so he could feel the deep love and hope Jesus has for him.

     Finally I said “Ok ready for Holy Spirit?!” I then moved to stand side by side, shoulder to shoulder with my son and then put my around his shoulder tightly and said “Ok let’s go.” We then started to walk with one of my arms around his shoulder and my other arm/hand pointing and guiding him where to go and what to do and I said “Holy Spirit is the Spirit of God who is like a fitness coach and counselor living inside you guiding you, reminding you, empowering you, telling you the truth, and helping you grow stronger. You can ask Him to show you the truth in all situations, ask Him what to do and where to go, and to strengthen you.” The kids seemed satisfied and done with my demonstration. Although it lacks the fullness of Biblical theology, my kids understand better that God in any person of the Trinity: Father, Son, or Holy Spirit, is personal, ready, and available to connect with them, and loves them just as they are. 


     Is there one of the persons of the Trinity that you have a hard time connecting with more than the others? This week seek the Lord to show you the truth of who He is so that you can connect to the fullness of God and experience all of who He is!