This summer we had the pleasure of having guest speaker Robert Lee Harris share a teaching on The Foolish Things:  A biblical look at the surprising and counterintuitive ways that God calls, equips, and empowers the Church as a Spiritual Family.  We have posted the teachings below so if you weren't able to make it you will still be able to receive what the Lord spoke through Robert.


June 22  “The Message of the Cross– The message of the Cross as foolishness to some and a stumbling block to others.

June 29. “God has Chosen the Foolish” -  God’s wisdom revealed only through His Spirit.

July 6. “God has Chosen the Weak” -  God’s strength revealed through our weakness.

July 13. “God has Chosen the Base Things” - God’s plan to turn “nobodies” into a royal family.

July 20.  “The Things Which are Not” -  God’s creative and supernatural power working through the Church.

July 27   “Let the One who Boasts Boast in the Lord” -   True confidence in God’s free gift of righteousness.